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Harry Potter Lyric Icontest

Just have fun with it!

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HP_chorus is a Harry Potter lyric icontest community. At the end of each contest the winners will suggest lyrics to use on the next one and if we like them we will use them ;). This community was started January 16, 2005. Be sure to follow the rules and everything listed below, we'll be watching you!

Current Contest: Time - Pink Floyd.

suggest lyrics here

-Use at least 3 words of the lyrics given unless specified otherwise, but no other lyrics from the song
-Follow the rules given in the challenge as well as these ones
-Respect your mods and other community members
-Be sure not to have your username in your icon filename or link, comments are screened because we want to keep everything anonymous until the winners are revealed, so it would ruin it if you used your username in the link/filename
-Do not post your icon elsewhere until the winners are revealed
-Be sure to keep your icon within icon restrictions, that means 100x100 at the, and under 40k
-Animations are allowed
-When you post your entries post them in both IMG and URL form please
-Do not vote for your own icon
-Only enter one icon per challenge unless it says otherwise
-Don't enter an icon you made a while ago, make a new one for each challenge
-If you use someone else's base, CREDIT them
-Be creative and have fun with it

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Comment here if you would like to be an affiliate!

{hotlinking, direct linking, whatever you want to call it, is fine}

{If you need help with HTML feel free to reply to a post of ours in the community}

Your current mods are rushofsilence and damnskippy__.